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About Sid

From Lebanon to the State House


Sid is originally from Lebanon, but moved to the United States when he was 19 years old.  After moving to Maryland, Sid became a small business owner and has fought to ensure small businesses can grow and prosper in our State.  Sid resides in Crownsville, and is married with three children.

Click HERE to learn of Sid's American Dream Story.

Proud Immigrant

Community Leader

Sid is an active community member. He goes above and beyond to give back to the community; whether it be through quality constituent service, recognizing a constituent's leadership or celebrating the Grand Opening of a small business. Sid has been involved with numerous local organizations including:

-The Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce 

-Greater Crofton Chamber-Commerce

- Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce
-Co-Chair, Military Support Committee, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), Millersville Elementary School
-Treasurer, St. Stephens Farm Home Owners Association, Crownsville
-Member, Odenton Improvement Association
-Maryland Farm Bureau
-Maryland Tax Payers Association
-Associate, Severna Park Republican Women’s Club

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Business Leader

As a small business owner, Sid knows what it’s like to deal with unfair government rules that make starting a business challenging. It’s his goal to make sure any person who wants a job can find one. The way to do that? Get rid of the unfair regulations that make it so difficult to start a new business, and get rid of the red tape and endless paperwork that makes it hard to hire new people for good-paying jobs. Many of the small business owners in the district know that Sid is just a call away and ready to help.

Consensus Leader

Sid Saab is an extremely hard-working and effective advocate for those he represents. He has a record of bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get things done—regardless of what’s politically popular. His pragmatic, bipartisan approach has earned him a role in the Health Committee Chairman’s Backroom. He is  clearly someone worth listening to and not just being heard. Saab works hard to depolarize politics and reinvigorate civil discourse to ultimately find common ground for the benefit of Marylanders.


Experienced Public Servant

After immigrating to America and achieving success in business, Sid decided he could help others by running for public office. Having helped build strong relationships between his constituency and his office, he has served in the House of Delegates for two consecutive terms.

For eight years, he has supported Governor Larry Hogan’s education funding plans and crime reduction initiatives. Saab has also opposed tax increases on working families; supported tax relief for retirees, veterans and disabled law enforcement; and supported environmental initiatives. He understands the challenges of being a small-business owner and has worked on improving the state’s business climate to provide good jobs for the people of Maryland. Saab has fought hard to improve government transparency/accountability and promote access to behavioral/mental health services. Further, he has been a champion against elder abuse and unequivocally supports our armed forces and veterans. 

District 33 Is The Place To Be


District 33 includes a geographically diverse group of amazing communities that include: the Broadneck Peninsula, Severna Park, Arnold, Cape St Claire, Crofton, Gambrills, Odenton, Crownsville and Davidsonville.

How The District Has Changed

Since 2014, District 33 has been a multi-member district with Three Delegates and One Senator all representing the whole district. This past legislative session, new legislative maps that address boundaries for the state legislators were brought to the General Assembly and resulted in District 33 being cut into thirds: 33A, 33B, 33C with one Senator representing the whole district. Our district has changed with parts of Severna Park, Crofton and Millersville being taken out and swapped with most of Odenton and more of Gambrills. When you vote in this upcoming election, you will only be able to vote for One Delegate and One Senator compared to Three Delegates and One Senator.

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