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"Thank you for serving your constituents.  We are so blessed to have you represent us.  I want to thank you for keeping us updated as to what went on in Annapolis.”


“I am a registered Democrat, and I hope you win your Senate race. I like what you do, and plan to vote for you.”


“Let me begin by stating that when I called your office this morning the initial phone contact was with what may be the most helpful and upbeat government contact that I have ever encountered. Apparently your office staff is not being browbeaten or demeaned enough to believe that taxpayers are the enemy! Seriously, kudos on a good staff hire - it gives a constituent some hope to believe that the person on the other end of the line is actually enthused and not only glad, but eager to help.”


“Thank you for your assistance with the challenges faced filing a sales and use tax on behalf of a local nonprofit. I appreciate your responsiveness and professional attitude. You are a true asset to Delegate Saab and I hope you will not hesitate to share this feedback with him."


“I want to thank Sid for getting things moving. I finally received the remainder of my unemployment. Thank you both so much! I just cant say thank you enough! Thank you!”


“Wow!!!  Thank you Delegate Saab.    That tree is now removed.  I don't know who you know or how you spurred action that quickly, but you folks did in 18 hours what I had failed to get response to in 6 months."


“I wanted to thank you and your office for all the assistance you gave to me during the crisis with the unemployment chaos in Maryland. Only after calling your office in Maryland did I get any help from the Maryland unemployment folks. I want to thank you for being such an efficient group”


“Sid is the first and only one to get back to me on this! I was feeling despair that no one was really listening. You have my fullest support and vote if you need it!”


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