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My office is available to assist you in matters involving the government of the State of Maryland. Additionally, for matters under the purview of the Federal Government, we can refer your request to the appropriate entity. If you need assistance with any state agency, you may contact my office by email or phone.



The Department of Labor has guaranteed that they will get to all unemployment applicants; however, due to the overwhelming number of cases, they cannot provide a time estimate. To troubleshoot, go to

If you are unable to determine your issue through the FAQs featured on the website, please send our office an email explaining the issues you're facing as well as the following information so that we may refer your case to a Legislative Liaison:

·        Full legal name

·        Phone number

·        Claim/Claimant ID (if applicable)

Please note that Senator Reilly, Delegate Munoz, and Delegate Saab submit the same claims.

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