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Cost of Living

Despite already being one of the highest taxed states in the country, many politicians in Annapolis are calling on middle class and working families to pay even more.  Families should not have to choose between putting food on the table or filling their tanks to go to work. We, the Maryland Legislature, have the ability to offer meaningful tax relief to Maryland residents and more needs to be done.


Helping Small Business

Small businesses of various industries are a driving force behind Maryland’s economy. With a cumulative score of 98% and the highest in the Anne Arundel County Delegation, Sid has been identified as one of Maryland’s Pro-Business/Pro-Jobs Legislators by Roll Call-which is Maryland’s only non-partisan report card on how Maryland’s General Assembly voted on issues important to creating jobs in Maryland!


Public Safety

An important responsibility of the government is to ensure safe communities by providing high quality public safety services. Yet, decisions in Annapolis seem to prioritize protecting criminals over families — and Anne Arundel County is feeling the effects as a result.


Mental Health & Substance Use

As a father of 3, Sid can’t stress enough how important it is for parents to be involved in their child’s life and to talk about their mental health. Sid Saab is truly passionate about making sure that those who need mental/behavioral health services are getting the right help at the right time. Sid holds this issue close to his heart, has spent years finding a way to improve access to mental & behavioral health services for our youth.



Education is one of the most basic responsibilities of government, and Sid will continue to make it one of his top priorities. Sid recognizes that the state government has an important role to play, but also knows that the best decisions are made “on the ground” in our local school divisions and not by bureaucrats in Annapolis.

Image by Christian Bowen


Sid gets hundreds of emails suggesting, even begging, for common sense laws to give retirees tax relief. Reducing taxes on our seniors is a win-win for all. He believes that we need to retain the value of our retirees and make Maryland more affordable for retirement.


The Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge and traffic surrounding it will remain a top issue for Sid and the communities it impacts, most significantly, the Broadneck Community. Sid has advocated to keep Contraflow ops open to East Bound traffic on summer weekends to ensure the safety of Broadneck residents as well as the assurance of safe and steady travel across this critical Eastbound corridor.


Military, Veterans & First Responders

 Freedom Is Not Free. Maryland, specifically District 33, is home to thousands of active duty military, veterans, and our community heroes, First Responders–all of whom risk their lives every day in service to our communities.

Emergency Medical Service


Everyone wants good quality and accessible health care. We are seeing labor shortages in a demanding health field. Sid will continue to support the private sector’s role within Maryland’s resilient health care system through their innovation, research and development. Improving access to youth’s mental health and addressing provider adequacy remain his concerns.



As a fiscal conservative, Sid has supported measures that  prioritize government accountability and safeguard funds for our beloved Chesapeake Bay and our waterways. The health of the Chesapeake Bay and watershed remains a top priority that must be addressed. Aggressive measures need to be taken to protect funding and keep projects on track.

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