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The Bay Bridge

The recent launching of the Bay Crossing Study Tier 2 NEPA is the next step to address congestion and future traffic demand crossing the Chesapeake Bay. Tier 2 NEPA  will study the new crossing and look at solutions for the entire 22-mile corridor from the Severn River Bridge to the 50/301 split.  Sid supported HB56 Chesapeake Bay Bridge – Reconstruction Advisory Group and Transportation Facilities Projects.

 Traffic congestion is a daily headache for many residents of the district. To protect our quality of life and reduce traffic congestion, Sid can (hopefully) forge an urgent solution once the Tier 2 NEPA study is completed. Sid has been working with community leaders (BBRAG) and MDOT SHA to secure additional funding for our district and speed up the pace of much-needed maintenance and repairs. Sid understands the complexity of the matter and the sense of urgency from the communities.

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