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Veterans & First Responders

Sid is thankful everyday for our Nation's heroes and their sacrifice so that we may continue to live in freedom and safety. He believes in giving back to those who have served this great country and made sacrifices on our behalf. Sid introduced legislation that would make military retirees exempt from State income tax and has supported other efforts to reduce the cost on our military families, first responders, and veterans.

Some examples of legislation Sid has supported on this issue include:

Commission to Establish a Maryland Women Veterans Memorial (HB 167, 2022)

Purple Star Schools Program - Establishment HB 277, 2022

Veterans Advocacy and Education Act (HB279, 2022)

Military and Public Safety Retirement Income HB461, 2022

Credit for Surviving Spouses of Fallen Service Members HB617, 2022

Property Tax Credit – Law Enforcement Officers and Rescue Workers, Surviving Spouses HB697, 2022

Law Enforcement Coordination Council and Coordinator and State Aid for Police Protection Fund HB411, 2022

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